[ dih-tacht ]
/ dɪˈtætʃt /


not attached; separated: a detached ticket stub.
having no wall in common with another building (opposed to attached): a detached house.
impartial or objective; disinterested; unbiased: a detached judgment.
not involved or concerned; aloof.

Origin of detached

First recorded in 1700–10; detach + -ed2


de·tached·ly [dih-tach-id-lee, -tacht-lee] /dɪˈtætʃ ɪd li, -ˈtætʃt li/, adverbde·tach·ed·ness, nounun·de·tached, adjective

Definition for detached (2 of 2)

[ dih-tach ]
/ dɪˈtætʃ /

verb (used with object)

to unfasten and separate; disengage; disunite.
Military. to send away (a regiment, ship, etc.) on a special mission.

Origin of detach

1470–80; < Middle French détacher, Old French destachier; see dis-1, attach

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British Dictionary definitions for detached (1 of 2)

/ (dɪˈtætʃt) /


disconnected or standing apart; not attacheda detached house
having or showing no bias or emotional involvement; disinterested
social welfare working at the clients' normal location rather than from an office; not dependent on premises for providing a servicea detached youth worker Compare outreach (def. 7)
ophthalmol (of the retina) separated from the choroid layer of the eyeball to which it is normally attached, resulting in loss of vision in the affected part

British Dictionary definitions for detached (2 of 2)

/ (dɪˈtætʃ) /

verb (tr)

to disengage and separate or remove, as by pulling; unfasten; disconnect
military to separate (a small unit) from a larger, esp for a special assignment

Derived forms of detach

detachable, adjectivedetachability, noundetacher, noun

Word Origin for detach

C17: from Old French destachier, from des- dis- 1 + attachier to attach
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Medical definitions for detached (1 of 2)

[ dĭ-tăcht ]


Separated; disconnected.
Standing apart from others; separate.

Medical definitions for detached (2 of 2)

[ dĭ-tăch ]


To separate or unfasten; disconnect.
To remove from association or union with something.
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