verb (used with object)

to keep from proceeding; keep waiting; delay.
to keep under restraint or in custody.
Obsolete. to keep back or withhold, as from a person.

Origin of detain

1480–90; detainen < Anglo-French, Old French detenir < Vulgar Latin *dētenīre, for Latin dētinēre, equivalent to dē- de- + -tinēre, combining form of tenēre to hold
Related formsde·tain·a·ble, adjectivede·tain·ment, nounpre·de·tain, verb (used with object)un·de·tain·a·ble, adjectiveun·de·tained, adjective

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Historical Examples of detain

  • "Don't let me detain you," said Halbert, with an elaborate share of politeness.

    Brave and Bold

    Horatio Alger

  • What he had to say therefore on the subject would not detain them long.

  • Mrs. Menotti tried to detain him; she could not understand what was amiss.

    Rico and Wiseli

    Johanna Spyri

  • Then she withdrew her arms, and this time he did not try to detain her.

    The Foolish Lovers

    St. John G. Ervine

  • As everything was right, the ship did not detain us, and we were permitted to proceed.

    Ned Myers

    James Fenimore Cooper

British Dictionary definitions for detain


verb (tr)

to delay; hold back; stop
to confine or hold in custody; restrain
archaic to retain or withhold
Derived Formsdetainable, adjectivedetainee (ˌdiːteɪˈniː), noundetainment, noun

Word Origin for detain

C15: from Old French detenir, from Latin dētinēre to hold off, keep back, from de- + tenēre to hold
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Word Origin and History for detain

early 15c., deteynen, from Old French detenir "to hold off, keep back" (12c.), from Latin detinere "hold off, keep back," from de- "from, away" (see de-) + tenere "to hold" (see tenet). Modern spelling is 17c., from influence of contain, retain, etc. Related: Detained; detaining.

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