[ adjective dih-tur-muh-nit; verb dih-tur-muh-neyt ]
/ adjective d瑟藞t蓽r m蓹 n瑟t; verb d瑟藞t蓽r m蓹藢ne瑟t /
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verb (used with object), de路ter路mi路nat路ed, de路ter路mi路nat路ing.
to make certain of.
to identify.
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Origin of determinate

1350鈥1400; Middle English <Latin d膿termin膩tus, past participle of d膿termin膩re.See determine, -ate1

OTHER WORDS FROM determinate

de路ter路mi路nate路ly, adverbde路ter路mi路nate路ness, noun
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How to use determinate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for determinate

/ (d瑟藞t蓽藧m瑟n瑟t) /

definitely limited, defined, or fixed; distinct
a less common word for determined
  1. able to be predicted or deduced
  2. (of an effect) obeying the law of causality
botany (of an inflorescence) having the main and branch stems ending in flowers and unable to grow further; cymose
(of a structure, stress, etc) able to be fully analysed or determined

Derived forms of determinate

determinately, adverbdeterminateness, noun
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Scientific definitions for determinate

[ d沫-t没rm蓹-n沫t ]

Precisely determined, limited, or defined.
Not continuing to grow at an apical meristem. In the cyme, a determinate inflorescence, for example, the first floret develops at the end of the meristem, and no further elongation of the inflorescence can occur.
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