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[ dih-turd ]


  1. discouraged or restrained from acting or proceeding:

    A visible thief is a deterred thief, so installing motion-sensing lights on your property helps to protect it.

  2. kept from happening; prevented or checked:

    Assuming that those 79,000 deterred property crimes have an average cost of $1,900 each, that’s a savings of over $150 million.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of deter ( def ).

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  • un·de·terred adjective

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Example Sentences

Problems in dynamical systems can take years to solve, but that doesn’t deter Kra.

The use of thermal camera networks to deter poachers isn’t necessarily new.

“I’m certainly shaken, but not deterred,” Sankey said during a conference call with reporters Wednesday, reacting to the four SEC games postponed because of struggles to contain the coronavirus.

Some of the women said the threats ultimately strengthened their resolve to run for office, but many worried that the hostile treatment they’d received would deter others in the future.

However, they will still develop antibodies which will help their immune system to deter future infections.

Aielli, who was very much alive when she learned of her funeral plans and the death threat they imply, says she is not deterred.

The reason: they think Murdoch won't be easily deterred and will continue his pursuit.

Filat said Moldova would not be deterred from its Western trajectory.

And men, you need not be deterred—mushrooms can still aid in your health.

Nor will Russia be dislodged from Crimea or deterred from further escalation by military force.

They did at first endeavour with their weapons to frighten us, who, lying ashore, deterred them from one of their fishing-places.

It was certainly reported that they were very much infested with tigers, but this deterred no one.

While a jury might refuse to convict on circumstantial evidence a detective is not so deterred.

His length and his ugliness had not deterred Jane Holland from taking a considerable interest in him.

She was longing to urge her to leave Craddock Dene, but was deterred by the knowledge of the uselessness of such advice.


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