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[ dih-trak-ter ]


  1. a person who tries to take away from the quality, value, or reputation of someone or something; critic:

    There were strong reactions after the film was screened in Israel, with the public divided between detractors and admirers.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of detractor1

First recorded in 1350–1400; from Latin dētractor, equivalent to dētract(us) “drawn away” + -or -or 2( def ); detract ( def )

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Example Sentences

According to Assange’s supporters—and many of his detractors, too—his case marks an important moment in the fight for press freedom.

From Fortune

Predictably, the sport's detractors have been quick to seize on this as evidence that electricity and racing cars just don't go together.

I have always been able to just brush that off because for every person who has been a detractor in that sense, there has always been somebody who has supported me.

That position has earned him detractors among climate activist groups.

The piece of legislation had overcome a yearlong delay, appeased initial detractors — including the development lobby — and passed the legislature by wide margins before flaming out at the eleventh hour on the governor’s desk.

“Only a Romney would see this as a photo op,” another detractor tweeted.

Now, with the "kiss seen ‘round the world," Stewart has given her legions of snarky detractor’s actual ammunition.

And to simply characterize Koch as a Democratic detractor, and a Republican right-winger, would be, well, simplistic.

Hayworth has Rush Limbaugh—not as an endorser of his candidacy, at least not yet, but as a longtime McCain detractor.

But Chernin has at least one outspoken detractor—the former head of the Fox studio, Bill Mechanic.

And if this be not enough, I am made a detractor from my predecessors, whom I confess to have been my masters in the art.

Strabo appears neither as detractor nor as partisan, but as one who earnestly desires the truth.

Cap'n Sproul whirled on the ancient detractor, whiskers bristling angrily.

The constable backed away a few steps and stared at this amazing detractor.

Brother Paul's answer to indorser and detractor alike was to buy up more radiotime.


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