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a combining form meaning “second or secondary; second in order”, used in the formation of compound words: deutoplasm.
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Also especially before a vowel, deut-.

Origin of deuto-

Shortening of deutero-
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What does deuto- mean?

Deuto- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “second” or “secondary.” It is rarely used in scientific terms, especially in biology.

Deuto- comes from Greek deúteros, meaning “second.”

What are variants of deuto-?

Deuto- is a shortened form of deutero- or deuter-, as in deuteropathy.

Examples of deuto-

One example of a scientific term that features the combining form deuto- is deutoplasm, “the reserve nutritive material, as a yolk granule, in the ovarian cytoplasm.”

The form deuto- means “secondary,” as we know. So, what about the -plasm portion of the word? It has a variety of meanings, including “tissue.” Deutoplasm literally translates to “secondary tissue.”

What are some words that use the combining form deuto- or deut-?

  • deutencephalon
  • deutobromide
  • deutocarbonate
  • deutochloride
  • deuton
  • deutoplastic
  • deutovum

What are some other forms that deuto- may be commonly confused with?

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The suffix -on is used to name subatomic particles. With this in mind, what does deuton, also known as a deuteron, literally mean?

How to use deuto- in a sentence

  • The subchloride may be directly formed, by pouring a solution of deuto-chloride of copper or iron upon silver leaf.

  • Beyond the discoveries of Chaussier, on the preservative properties of the deuto-chloride of mercury, the labours of MM.

  • No time was lost to profit by this property of the deuto-chloride of mercury, to apply it to the preservation of whole bodies.

  • Chaussier has latterly proposed the solution of the deuto-chloride of mercury, in distilled water.

Medical definitions for deuto-


Second; secondary:deutoplasm.
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