[ dev ]


  1. a software developer:

    a game dev;

    a web dev.


  1. software development:

    The programmers and animators on the dev team worked late into the night.



abbreviation for

  1. development.
  2. deviation.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dev1

By shortening

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Example Sentences

The YouTube account of Spinks' game dev company, Re-Logic, was hit with some kind of terms-of-service violation, resulting in Google banning Spinks' entire Google account, greatly disrupting his company's ability to do business.

The way you proceed with step one will depend on your dev and staging environment.

Ever since Google announced that page speed would be a ranking factor in its mobile-first index in 2018, the need for speed became one of the most important aspects of web dev trait.

Being the most popular web dev solution, it would be interesting to see and compare different solutions in terms of speed and performance.

For this reason, marketing and dev teams should be working together to be sure the visual experience is consistent across all chat and messaging apps.

So what do I, a relative outsider to the indie game dev community, have to add to this fraught conversation?

Dev is Indian, so they (obviously) go to an Indian restaurant.

Dev Patel loitered around another corridor, waiting for his plugged-in phone to charge.

Yet, let me tell you, sir, it is not every dev—I mean it is not every gentleman who knows how to choose a philosopher.

But an evil demon (Dev) was sent to them by Ahriman, the representative of everything noxious and sinful.

Yas, suh, dat's my Jim; I don't know whaih he gits his dev'ment at.

Dev— … deuce take me,4 if I did not make the mistake myself; and what is your name?

Well, there we sit and write in our dream books, and Uncle Roger passes by and accuses us of being up to dev—to very bad mischief.