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[ dev-uh-stey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of devastating; devastating; destruction.
  2. devastated state; desolation.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of devastation1

1425–75; late Middle English < Late Latin dēvastātiōn- (stem of dēvastātiō ), equivalent to Latin dēvastāt ( us ) ( devastate ) + -iōn- -ion
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Example Sentences

We saw some serious devastation back in May and June and we are trying to avoid that, but we are also trying to avoid Georgetown looking like a ghost town.

Amid the devastation, inspectors visited twice during the first week of April to look for lapses that allowed the virus to spread.

The high school senior who lives in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico, said the devastation brought to the island by Hurricane Maria in 2017 made her more aware of politics and more interested in how government works.

For Democrats, the witness was a physician from Michigan who spoke about the potential devastation if the Supreme Court, with Barrett seated, voted to gut the Affordable Care Act.

Apodaca represents an entire swath of people who are facing uneven recoveries and the potential of personal devastation from the pandemic recession.

From Fortune

An article in Nature three weeks ago brought up the devastation that could result if contact tracing were to be stopped.

One message was clear: Capitalism is causing environmental ruin and must be stopped to save the planet from devastation.

Although he still considers himself a Zionist, Kawalek believes Israel should be held accountable for the devastation in Gaza.

Centuries of development does not compare to the recent devastation in Alberta.

Not so long ago, Neil Young had come up to the tar sands and compared the devastation to Hiroshima.

Together with these misfortunes, a visitation of myriads of locusts (vide p. 341) and drought completed the devastation.

It performed its work of devastation as effectively as though it had come forth at its proper season.

But these were trifles compared with the devastation committed at Bristol, when its recorder.

This devastation, slow and silent as the tomb, was even more terrible than the brilliant ravages of a conflagration.

It lasted for more than three hours, and created great devastation.


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