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[ dih-vahyzd ]


  1. contrived, planned, invented, or designed:

    It’s a dark comedy about a couple of guys who embark on a poorly devised scheme to blackmail a local clergyman.

  2. Theater. (of a play) having a script produced collaboratively by the performers rather than by a writer or playwright:

    Previous works of the Holwell Youth Troupe include a chilling ghost story and a devised piece on the topic of love.

  3. Law. (of property) assigned or transmitted by will:

    When specifically devised property is no longer in the testator's estate, the beneficiary's gift fails.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of devise ( def ).
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Other Words From

  • self-de·vised adjective
  • un·de·vised adjective
  • well-de·vised adjective
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Example Sentences

To get a resolution about genocide passed, he devised a letter-writing campaign.

As their name implies, they devised bespoke tools and techniques for breaking into computers.

This was the most sophisticated global tracking system ever devised, and it worked with lethal efficiency.

We have devised a constitutional right to love whom you want, and to have that love legally recognized.

Palmer also went on a small weight lifting program prescribed by one doctor and a general strengthening scheme devised by another.

Numerous methods for staining capsules have been devised, but few are satisfactory.

The most promising of the methods which have been devised are cryoscopy, the methylene-blue test, and the phloridzin test.

They were devised for counting the leukocytes in the same specimen with the red corpuscles.

Quentin Gray regarded the story of Kazmah as a very poor lie devised on the spur of the moment.

Rushing into an opposite extreme, the most outrageous receptacles for the precious dust were devised.