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[ dih-vahy-zing ]


  1. the act or process of planning, inventing, or contriving (often used attributively):

    The devising, manufacturing, and distributing of antimalaria supplies and equipment was critical to the army’s success.

    The devising of a phonemic writing system has posed problems since the earliest times.

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Example Sentences

I spend my free time devising a scheme that will ultimately convince my parents to let me see the show.

And part of the art is devising names that convey the essence of the condition and all its ramifications.

The FEC has been entrusted with devising new rules—but for now at least, the disclosure requirement is no longer operative.

Then Germany and France were forced into devising a detailed rescue plan, which, in fact, is unfolding this weekend.

Is there a grand strategist at work somewhere devising a new ideology or government structure or action plan?

The cebus did not wait to be shown how to do things, but was an adept in devising ways to do them himself.

His eyes were sighting along an instrument of his own devising as if he were aiming some super-gun of a great air cruiser.

I have known you for a long time, and possess the most circumstantial details about the plans you were devising.

The greater portion of our life consists in devising means and medication to relieve us of our states of ill health and disease.

He is an inventor devising ways and means to secure all the ends which he has the wit to see.


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