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[ dih-voh-shuh-nl ]


  1. characterized by devotion.
  2. used in devotions:

    devotional prayers.


  1. Often devotionals. a short religious service.
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Other Words From

  • de·votion·ali·ty de·votion·al·ness noun
  • de·votion·al·ly adverb
  • nonde·votion·al adjective
  • nonde·votion·al·ly adverb
  • unde·votion·al adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of devotional1

First recorded in 1640–50; devotion + -al 1
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Example Sentences

Natural history doubled as both a popular leisure pursuit and a pious devotional exercise at the time, which made it an especially effective means for showing off one’s generosity among a broad and socially diverse but respectable audience.

You’ll linger in the village of Namche with artists who create devotional paintings called thangka.

The next morning, he will do his devotional, watch one last game of the week’s opponent and get ready for the bus, propelled again toward the field, which represents the crux of his regimen.

It does so in ways that fulfill deep-seated emotional needs that, at their profoundest level, are devotional.

A ten-year-old devotional written in the voice of God suddenly became a commercial juggernaut.

The devotional reading of the story is a most natural and helpful observance of the Easter season.

The exercises of the day soon commenced, and the old lady became wholly rapt in her devotional feelings.

His hair was remarkably soft and fine, and he had about him a devotional book and a muster-roll of 180 Indians.

Once a week the missionary families met for an English devotional meeting.

I often think I can still hear their fervidly devotional hymn of the sanctus—Heilig!





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