[ dahy-uh-beys ]

  1. a fine-grained gabbro occurring as minor intrusions.

  2. British. a dark igneous rock consisting essentially of augite and feldspar; an altered dolerite.

Origin of diabase

1810–20; <French, equivalent to dia- (error for di- two) + basebase1

Other words from diabase

  • di·a·ba·sic, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for diabase


/ (ˈdaɪəˌbeɪs) /

  1. British an altered dolerite

  2. US another name for dolerite

Origin of diabase

C19: from French, from Greek diabasis a crossing over, from diabainein to cross over, from dia- + bainein to go

Derived forms of diabase

  • diabasic, adjective

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Scientific definitions for diabase


[ ə-bās′ ]

  1. A dark-gray to black, medium-grained igneous rock consisting mainly of labradorite and pyroxene. Diabase is compositionally similar to andesite, but has coarser grains. It is commonly found in sills and dikes. Also called dolerite

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