[ dee-ah-bluh-ree; French dya-bluh-ree ]
/ diˈɑ blə ri; French dya bləˈri /

noun, plural di·a·ble·ries [dee-ah-bluh-reez; French dya-bluh-ree] /diˈɑ blə riz; French dya bləˈri/.

diabolic magic or art; sorcery; witchcraft.
the domain or realm of devils.
the lore of devils; demonology.
reckless mischief; deviltry.

Origin of diablerie

1745–55; < French, Old French, equivalent to diable devil + -erie -ery
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British Dictionary definitions for diablerie


/ (dɪˈɑːblərɪ, French djɑbləri) /


magic or witchcraft connected with devils
demonic lore or esoteric knowledge of devils
the domain of devils
devilry; mischief

Word Origin for diablerie

C18: from Old French, from diable devil, from Latin diabolus; see devil
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