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[dahy-uh-kon-i-kon, -kuh n]
noun, plural di·a·con·i·ca [dahy-uh-kon-i-kuh] /ˌdaɪ əˈkɒn ɪ kə/.
  1. a sacristy in an Eastern or early Christian church, usually on the south side of the bema.
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Origin of diaconicon

1720–30; < Late Greek diākonikón (> Late Latin diāconicum), neuter of diākonikós of a deacon; see -ic
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Historical Examples of diaconicon

  • The two smaller compartments and apses at the sides of the bema were sacristies, the diaconicon and prothesis.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4


  • It is covered either with a barrel or with a cross-groined vault, and communicates with the prothesis and the diaconicon.

  • Only the diaconicon now remains, covered by a cross-groined vault, and its apse pierced by a door leading to the hall of the Teké.

  • The prothesis and diaconicon have barrel vaults and apses with three sides projecting slightly on the exterior.

  • It has neither prothesis nor diaconicon of its own, but communicates with the original diaconicon of the main church.