[ dahy-uh-muhn-tee-nuh ]

  1. an intermittent river in E Australia, flowing S to Lake Eyre. 560 miles (900 km) long.

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How to use Diamantina in a sentence

  • For many years Brazil was celebrated for its diamonds—obtained chiefly from a town in the interior named Diamantina.

  • At a point known as Diamantina Gates it finds an exit through a narrow gorge in a low range.

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  • Diamantina was very fond of being on the river, and she was delighted at this chance of delighting her tastes.

  • Seeing her father's eyes fixed on the stream, Diamantina looked hastily in that direction.

  • In company with W. Landsborough, in 1866, he explored and named the Diamantina and other western rivers.