[ dahy-uh-me-tri-kuhl ]
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  1. of, relating to, or along a diameter.

  2. in direct opposition; being at opposite extremes; complete: diametrical opposites; a diametrical difference.

Origin of diametrical

1545–55; <Greek diametrik(ós) (diámetr(os) diameter + -ikos-ic) + -al1
  • Also di·a·met·ric [dahy-uh-me-trik] /ˌdaɪ əˈmɛ trɪk/ .

Other words from diametrical

  • di·a·met·ri·cal·ly, adverb
  • un·di·a·met·ric, adjective
  • un·di·a·met·ri·cal, adjective
  • un·di·a·met·ri·cal·ly, adverb

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