[ dahy-af-uh-nuh s ]
/ daɪˈæf ə nəs /


very sheer and light; almost completely transparent or translucent.
delicately hazy.

Origin of diaphanous

1605–15; < Medieval Latin diaphanus < Greek diaphan(ḗs) transparent, equivalent to diaphan-, stem of diaphaínein to show through (see dia-, -phane) + -ēs adj. suffix) + -ous

Related forms

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British Dictionary definitions for diaphanous


/ (daɪˈæfənəs) /


(usually of fabrics such as silk) fine and translucent

Derived Forms

diaphanously, adverbdiaphanousness or diaphaneity (ˌdaɪəfəˈniːɪtɪ), noun

Word Origin for diaphanous

C17: from Medieval Latin diaphanus, from Greek diaphanēs transparent, from diaphainein to show through, from dia- + phainein to show
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