[ dahy-uh-frag-mat-ik ]

  1. of the diaphragm.

  2. like a diaphragm.

Origin of diaphragmatic

1650–60; <Greek diaphragmat- (stem of diáphragmadiaphragm) + -ic

Other words from diaphragmatic

  • di·a·phrag·mat·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • post·di·a·phrag·mat·ic, adjective
  • sub·di·a·phrag·mat·ic, adjective
  • sub·di·a·phrag·mat·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • trans·di·a·phrag·mat·ic, adjective

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How to use diaphragmatic in a sentence

  • Tonic diaphragmatic contraction is of very much greater rarity.

  • The diaphragmatic arch, having its convex side uppermost, enters the thoracic frame as far as the first dorsal vertebra.

    Pedagogical Anthropology | Maria Montessori
  • Delsarte established his theory of diaphragmatic breathing in accordance with his anatomical knowledge.

  • Breathing, according to its form of production, is: Costal or combined; diaphragmatic; costo-diaphragmatic.

  • In breathing to speak or sing there must be such perfect diaphragmatic control that the mouth shall never be out of breath.

    Vocal Expression | Katherine Jewell Everts