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[ dih-kot-uh-muhs ]


  1. divided or dividing into two parts.
  2. of or relating to dichotomy.

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Other Words From

  • di·choto·mous·ly adverb
  • di·choto·mous·ness noun
  • nondi·choto·mous adjective
  • nondi·choto·mous·ly adverb
  • undi·choto·mous adjective
  • undi·choto·mous·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dichotomous1

1680–90; < Late Latin dichotomos < Greek dichótomos. See dicho-, -tome, -ous

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Example Sentences

In fact, we seem to have an innate tendency to oversimplify the more complex conflicts we face, resulting in dichotomous, us-them thinking.

From Time

“So far, psychologists worked with this dichotomy — a dichotomous model of well-being about life,” says psychologist Shigehiro Oishi.

To appreciate the Palmer paradox, it's important to understand that Palmer's childhood and young adulthood were dichotomous.

Or rather, it hints at how elusive a clear view of the dichotomous Palmer can be.

In these there is a thallus which starts from a central point and continually divides in a forked or dichotomous manner.

These dichotomous processes are nothing more than branches developed from the arcuate, or mother cells.

The caudal fin, with its dichotomous rays, is essentially like the tail of a lamprey.

Fruit an obscurely 3-lobed, 3-celled, 3-seeded pod in dichotomous clusters, both axillary and terminal.

Thallus radiate or dichotomous, the epidermis usually porose.


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