[dahy-kluh-nuh s, dahy-klahy-]
adjective Botany.
  1. (of a plant species, variety, etc.) having the stamens and the pistils in separate flowers, either on the same plant or on different plants; either monoecious or dioecious.
  2. (of a flower) having only stamens or only pistils; unisexual.

Origin of diclinous

1820–30; di-1 + Greek klī́n(ē) couch, bed + -ous
Related formsdi·cli·nism, noun
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  1. (of flowering plants) bearing unisexual flowers
  2. (of flowers) unisexualCompare monoclinous
Derived Formsdiclinism, noundicliny (ˈdaɪklɪnɪ, daɪˈklaɪ-), noun
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diclinous in Science


  1. Bearing imperfect flowers; having carpels and stamens in different flowers. A monoecious plant is diclinous since it bears male and female flowers separately, even though on the same plant. Dioecious plants are also diclinous, since an individual plant will bear flowers of only one sex. Compare monoclinous.
  2. Having only stamens or only pistils; unisexual. Used of flowers.
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