[dahy-uh l, dee-]

adjective Biology.

of or relating to a 24-hour period, especially a regular daily cycle, as of the physiology or behavior of an organism.

Origin of diel

1930–35; apparently < Latin di(ēs) day + -al1, spelling with e to avoid identity with dial
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Historical Examples of diel

  • The Marmalade Pippin of Diel which is described in the 22 vol.

    British Pomology

    Robert Hogg

  • Origin unknown; Diel states he had received it from Strasland, Prussia.

  • Diel, first to describe it, placed its origin at about 1806.

  • According to Diel this variety originated in the environs of Halle, Prussia.

  • Diel erred in applying the synonymes of Knoops Pigeon bigarr to this variety, which is very distinct from the Pigeonnet.

    British Pomology

    Robert Hogg