diesel oil

diesel fuel

  1. a fuel obtained from petroleum distillation that is used in diesel engines. It has a relatively low ignition temperature (540°C) and is ignited by the heat of compression: Also called (Brit): derv See also cetane number

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How to use diesel oil in a sentence

  • Only at night did I get to where I could smell the salt breeze free of the stink of paint and diesel oil.

    Cue for Quiet | Thomas L. Sherred
  • In the diesel oil-engine the Germans probably lead us—in steam turbines we lead them.

    The Story of Our Submarines | John Graham Bower
  • So much for the turbine, the engine of the big ships: now for the diesel oil-engine which drives the submarines.

  • In the after part of the boat were the diesel oil-engines with which the U-boat was propelled when on the surface.

    Inventions of the Great War | A. Russell (Alexander Russell) Bond
  • Some one brought the tidings that seven more companies in South London were substituting diesel oil engines for steam.

    The Secret of the League | Ernest Bramah

Scientific definitions for diesel oil

diesel oil

  1. A lightweight mixture of liquid hydrocarbons that are derived from petroleum. The hydrocarbons in diesel oil contain between 13 and 25 carbon atoms. Diesel oil is used as a fuel for diesel engines.

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