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dig up

  1. Search out, find, obtain, as in I'm sure I can dig up a few more supporters . [Mid-1800s]

  2. dig up some dirt or the dirt . Find derogatory information about someone or something. For example, The editor assigned him to dig up all the dirt on the candidates . The slangy use of the noun dirt for “embarrassing or scandalous information” dates from about 1840, but this metaphoric expression is a century newer.

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Example Sentences

I have no choice but to return to my journalism roots and dig up the video on YouTube instead.

I went into it expecting to dig up the absolute truth about how everybody was in on it, and it was just a publicity deal.

Over the following summer, as his father, a tribal judge, investigates, Joe and his friends dig up their own clues.

If he also happens to be a cultural titan, then scholars will be happy to dig up the incident and revisit it over 150 years later.

Yet they were going dig up all the remains on the actual Mamilla Cemetery itself in order to build a commercial business center.

Oh, please dig up some trilliums and plant them in your garden, or rather in your woods!

This writer says that he saw skins of the myrmeces (or ants), which dig up gold, as large as the skins of leopards.

We must put a fence across that point of land, and dig up all the brushwood; the mould is very good.

I'm going to ride out and see if I can dig up any news on the edge of town.

It goes without saying that the moment the huntress emerged from the ground I proceeded to dig up the track.