[ dahy-gam-uh ]
/ daɪˈgæm ə /


a letter of the early Greek alphabet that generally fell into disuse in Attic Greek before the classical period and that represented a sound similar to English w.

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Origin of digamma

1545–55; < Latin < Greek dígamma, equivalent to di- di-1 + gámma gamma; from its resemblance to two gammas placed one over the other, similar to Roman French, which is a descendant of digamma

Related formsdi·gam·mat·ed [dahy-gam-ey-tid] /daɪˈgæm eɪ tɪd/, adjective

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/ (daɪˈɡæmə) /


a letter of the Greek alphabet (Ϝ) that became obsolete before the classical period of the language. It represented a semivowel like English W and was used as a numeral in later stages of written Greek, and passed into the Roman alphabet as F

Word Origin for digamma

C17: via Latin from Greek, from di- 1 + gamma; from its shape, which suggests one gamma upon another

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