digital technology

[ dij-i-tl tek-nol-uh-jee ]


, plural dig·i·tal tech·nol·o·gies
  1. the branch of scientific or engineering knowledge that deals with the creation and practical use of digital or computerized devices, methods, systems, etc.:

    advances in digital technology.

  2. a digital device, method, system, etc., created by using this knowledge:

    the invention of the internet and other digital technologies.

  3. the application of this knowledge for practical ends, as in digital communications and social media.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of digital technology1

First recorded in 1960–65

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Example Sentences

It’s on the mind of every business leader, changing how businesses employ digital technologies and organize their business models to create more value for their brand.

Her career mixed news publications with public policy, state politics and digital technology, according to her colleagues.

The pharmaceutical and chemicals industries are no strangers to digital technology, with decades of experimentation using data and statistical techniques to improve productivity and innovation.

OneConnect combines expertise in digital technology with deep knowledge of banking.

Many companies have taken a piecemeal, tentative approach to adopting digital technologies that might even be called “transformation theater.”

From Fortune

Though I have a reputation for being a Luddite, I actually love the new digital technology and its artistic possibilities.

The Dalai Lama is quite happy to contemplate the karma of digital technology while leaving geeky details to the younger crowd.

Retailers who embrace digital technology can harness information to redefine and re-enliven the in-store shopping experience.

As the pace of digital technology quickens, the ice cube melts faster.

Digital technology may have undergone several revolutions just over the past five years, but our politics is the same as ever.

A complete music studio with the latest in digital technology has been condensed to the dimensions of a single software.





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