[ dahy-hee-druhl ]

  1. having or formed by two planes.

  2. of or relating to a dihedron.

  1. Aeronautics. the angle at which the right and left wings or the halves of any other horizontal surface of an airplane or the like are inclined upward or downward.

Origin of dihedral

First recorded in 1790–1800; di-1 + -hedral

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How to use dihedral in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for dihedral


/ (daɪˈhiːdrəl) /

  1. having or formed by two intersecting planes; two-sided: a dihedral angle

  1. Also called: dihedron, dihedral angle the figure formed by two intersecting planes

  2. the US name for corner (def. 2)

  1. the upward inclination of an aircraft wing in relation to the lateral axis: Compare anhedral

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Scientific definitions for dihedral


[ dī-hēdrəl ]

  1. Formed by a pair of planes or sections of planes that intersect.

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