/ (ˈdɪŋˌbæts) Australian and NZ /

pl n
  1. the dingbats slang delirium tremens

  2. give someone the dingbats informal to make someone nervous

  1. informal crazy or stupid

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How to use dingbats in a sentence

  • I thought of all these things as I listened to the prattling of the dingbats.

    Fore! | Charles Emmett Van Loan
  • One short week ago the dingbats would have voted him a nuisance and a menace to society in general.

    Fore! | Charles Emmett Van Loan
  • Now as to the dingbats: if you do not know them you have missed something rich and rare in the golfing line.

    Fore! | Charles Emmett Van Loan
  • The dingbats formed a syndicate and covered all bets; but this was due to club pride rather than any feeling of confidence.

    Fore! | Charles Emmett Van Loan
  • He is still a four man, and if he lives to be as old as the dingbats he will never take home another trophy.

    Fore! | Charles Emmett Van Loan