dinner plate


  1. a plate for holding an individual serving of the main course of a meal.

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Example Sentences

The size of a dinner plate, the chip is called the Wafer Scale Engine and was the world’s largest computer chip.

I can even slurp cicada larvae from their tunnels in the ground faster than my owner can slurp spaghetti noodles off his dinner plate.

The Cerebras Systems Wafer Scale Engine is about the size of a big dinner plate.

They become visible only when they reproduce, bursting from their host as a dinner plate–sized flower that smells like rotting flesh.

In other words, it’s so loud down there that fish can’t even hear themselves think, let alone get a meal, find a date, or dodge the dinner plate.

From Time

It is only as big as a dinner plate, since the film had but half a million dollars to be filmed on.

If your 11-year-old mocks you by making a cawing voice, upturn his dinner plate and mock his mocking voice.

Stacey Slate offers five recipes that take beer out of the bottle and onto the dinner plate.

He remembered the log-house and his supper, when Mandy Ann served from a dinner-plate, and his napkin was a pocket handkerchief.

It was about the size of a dinner-plate, and lay on the newel-post as I came down stairs one morning.

If salad is to be served next, put down a salad-plate in place of the dinner-plate removed.

When the hot dinner-plates are brought in, take up the service plate, substituting the dinner-plate.

In serving them, place them either on a small plate or on the dinner plate with the rest of the dinner.





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