dinner service


a set of matching plates, dishes, etc, suitable for serving a meal to a certain number of people

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Historical Examples of dinner service

  • The Duke of Hijar ordered in 1800 that a dinner-service should be made there for his use.

  • It was only a piece of woodwork resembling a large crock or crate in which a dinner-service is packed for exportation.

  • When I had finished, the girl give me the child, and then removed the dinner-service into an outer room.

  • It was an idée fixe, you were a fanatic, you broke half a Crown Derby dinner-service when you couldn't get it.

    The Sixth Sense

    Stephen McKenna

  • We drove round to his store to ask him if he would undertake the painting of a dinner-service, and do other things for me.


    Dorothy Menpes