[ dahy-nuh-theer ]
/ ˈdaɪ nəˌθɪər /


any elephantlike mammal of the extinct genus Dinotherium, from the later Tertiary Period of Europe and Asia, having large, outwardly curving tusks.
Also di·no·the·ri·um [dahy-nuh-theer-ee-uh m] /ˌdaɪ nəˈθɪər i əm/.

Origin of dinothere

< New Latin Dinotherium (1829); see dino-, -there
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British Dictionary definitions for dinotherium

/ (ˈdaɪnəˌθɪə) /


any extinct late Tertiary elephant-like mammal of the genus Dinotherium (or Deinotherium), having a down-turned jaw with tusks curving downwards and backwards

Word Origin for dinothere

C19: from New Latin dinotherium, from Greek deinos fearful + thērion, diminutive of thēr beast
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Scientific definitions for dinotherium

[ dī′nə-thîrē-əm ]

Any of various extinct elephantlike mammals of the genus Dinotherium that existed during the Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene Epochs. Characteristic of the dinotherium were tusks that grew downward from its lower jaw.
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