[ dint ]
/ dɪnt /


force; power: By dint of hard work she became head of the company.
a dent.
Archaic. a blow; stroke.

verb (used with object)

to make a dent or dents in.
to impress or drive in with force.

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Origin of dint

before 900; Middle English; Old English dynt; cognate with Old Norse dyntr

Related formsdint·less, adjective

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/ (dɪnt) /


by dint of by means or use ofby dint of hard work
archaic a blow or a mark made by a blow


(tr) to mark with dints

noun, verb

a variant of dent 1
Derived Formsdintless, adjective

Word Origin for dint

Old English dynt; related to Old Norse dyttr blow

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Word Origin and History for dint



Old English dynt "blow dealt in fighting" (especially by a sword), from Proto-Germanic *duntiz (cf. Old Norse dyntr "blow, kick"). Phrase by dint of ... "by force of, by means of," is early 14c.

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see by dint of.

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