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dire straits

[ dahyuhr streyts ]

plural noun

  1. very difficult circumstances:

    With inflation so high, I've been talking to many more people lately who are in dire straits.

    Once facing dire straits, the theater has bounced back since producing this hit show.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dire straits1

First recorded in 1805–15

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Example Sentences

Time for some tough love—Republicans leaders have dumped a 100-page report that spells out why their party is in dire straits.

But Leslie Bennetts argues that women are the ones in dire straits.

But whichever team wins the debate, are men really in such dire straits?

Yes, we live in a body politic, and yes, we cannot claim to be healthy if parts are in dire straits.

American Express Platinum is superb in these dire straits and their concierge service is the gold standard.

Austria was now in dire straits and her whole military structure seemed on the point of crumbling.

Trent, who had seen men before in dire straits, fed him from a spoon and forced brandy between his lips.

As usual, he is in dire straits, persecuted by duns and lawyers, yet none the less full of hopes.

A young Polish woman found herself in dire straits after the death of her mother.

"You probably will be in such dire straits that I shall offer you the first chance at it, Bobby," she retorted.





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