[ dih-rekt-ak-ses, -ak-, dahy- ]


, Computers.
  1. pertaining to the ability to obtain data from, or place data in, external storage without the need to sequentially scan other data contained there.
  2. pertaining to the method of organization and access used for a data structure in which records are located by their keys, without reference to other records that may have been previously accessed.

direct access


  1. a method of reading data from a computer file without reading through the file from the beginning as on a disk or drum Also calledrandom access Compare sequential access

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Example Sentences

Compounding the conundrum further is the fact that many cellphones allow direct access to information in remote cloud storage.

This decision, however, would conveniently restrict Slovenia's direct access to international waters.

We do not provide the government with direct access to our servers, systems, or network.

The Tunisians have also not yet allowed U.S. officials direct access to the suspect.

We've seen that while workers are losing their voice at the workplace, the Koch brothers have direct access to Governor Walker.

From both the engine rooms ladders and gratings gave direct access to the boat deck.

It lay in the heart of the plains of central Italy The Tiber provided direct access to the sea.

Even to-day the way of direct access to the common heart is a religious one.

By our position we have direct access to those for whom these missions are established.

The direct access to Castleton is that of a long coach drive by the Spittal of Glenshee.





directdirect-access storage device