[ dih-rek-triks, dahy- ]
/ dɪˈrɛk trɪks, daɪ- /

noun, plural di·rec·trix·es, di·rec·tri·ces [dih-rek-tri-seez, dahy-, dahy-rek-trahy-seez] /dɪˈrɛk trɪˌsiz, daɪ-, ˌdaɪ rɛkˈtraɪ siz/.

Geometry. a fixed line used in the description of a curve or surface.
Archaic. a directress.

Origin of directrix

From New Latin, dating back to 1615–25; see origin at direct, -trix

Usage note

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British Dictionary definitions for directrix


/ (dɪˈrɛktrɪks, daɪ-) /


geometry a fixed reference line, situated on the convex side of a conic section, that is used when defining or calculating its eccentricity
a directress

Word Origin for directrix

C17: New Latin, feminine of director
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Science definitions for directrix


[ dĭ-rĕktrĭks ]

A straight line used in generating a curve such as a parabola.
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