[dir-ham, dih-ram, dir-uh m]


Origin of dirham

1965–70; < Arabic dirham < Greek dráchma; see drachma
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Historical Examples of dirham

  • Fate so willed it that Dirham's was the first vessel that fell into the hands of the searchers.

  • Dirham was only able to express his approval of Ali's words by a very audible sigh.

  • Dirham remembered the two gentlemen just as a good dog remembers his master—they were ever in his mind.

  • Dirham's foot was scarcely out of the house when the two brothers looked at each other and smiled.

  • Dirham kissed the hem of the pasha's garment and promised that he would carefully perform everything.

British Dictionary definitions for dirham



the standard monetary unit of Morocco, divided into 100 centimes
the standard monetary unit of the United Arab Emirates, divided into 10 dinars and 100 fils
  1. a Kuwaiti monetary unit worth one tenth of a dinar and 100 fils
  2. a Tunisian monetary unit worth one tenth of a dinar and 100 millimes
  3. a Qatari monetary unit worth one hundredth of a riyal
  4. a Libyan monetary unit worth one thousandth of a dinar
any of various silver coins minted in North African countries at different periods

Word Origin for dirham

C18: from Arabic, from Latin: drachma
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