[ dee-ri-goh; English dir-i-goh ]
/ ˈdi rɪˌgoʊ; English ˈdɪr ɪˌgoʊ /


I direct: motto of Maine.
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Examples from the Web for dirigo

  • As the Dirigo shot ahead the junk man sprang into the water and began rescuing his rice bowls.

    Mortmain|Arthur Cheny Train
  • Half an hour later a boat put off from the Dirigo containing the boy, Yen, the friend, and four bluejackets.

    Mortmain|Arthur Cheny Train
  • He could see the embankment and the little Dirigo at anchor, the sampans still swarming around it.

    Mortmain|Arthur Cheny Train
  • I took the ship's launch to the Dirigo and they said there he was ashore and hadn't left any word, only that he'd be back late.

    Mortmain|Arthur Cheny Train