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dirty word


  1. a vulgar or taboo word; obscenity.
  2. any word, name, or concept considered reprehensible or unmentionable; anathema:

    “Lose” is a dirty word to this team.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of dirty word1

First recorded in 1835–45

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Example Sentences

Compromise is not a dirty word but a process of give-and-take that keeps all sides in check.

From Ozy

The kids pore over the atlas in the back seat, getting a kick out of finding town names that are dangerously close to being dirty words, like Bullocks and Blichton.

That suggests there’s still a long road ahead, but this new analysis points the way to a future where plastic might not be such a dirty word.

I have actually had a few senior people in the industry advise me to move away from digital or any activation led roles as its a dirty word in agency land.

From Digiday

The fallout from that years-long court battle has turned offsets into somewhat of a dirty word.

In Republican election committees on the Hill, “Barrow” had become a dirty word said only in hushed tones.

A new study claims that “spoiler” is no longer a dirty word.

The media has also, in my opinion, played a role in helping make the word “feminist” be perceived by some as a dirty word.

To the authors of The Confidence Code and even Jill Abramson, it seems to be a dirty word.

Then came accusations of centrism—now a dirty word in a party with an energized left flank.

I saw a picture of three children in Bapaume, and it was smeared with filth in the writing of a dirty word.

Smith said a dirty word and pushed himself away from the screamer unit to glower at an unresisting wall.

What are we going to call that sweet little old lady, now that mother is a dirty word?

Alas a dirty word, alas a dirty third alas a dirty third, alas a dirty bird.





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