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disability insurance


  1. insurance providing income to a policyholder who is disabled and cannot work.

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Example Sentences

They are also given disability insurance, equity in Overtime and collective rights to any merchandising of their likeness.

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Asks include provisions for wage increases, disability insurance for seasonal workers, waterproof uniforms, and regular sick leave, which currently doesn’t kick in until after an employee has worked 1,500 hours.

Even the most generous disability insurance will give out at 65.

His wife, who was listed as unemployed, received just over $3,000 a month in state disability insurance.

The first constitution provided for death and disability insurance.

The Brotherhood of Railroad Brakemen provided in its first constitution for death and disability insurance.

These organizations, however, experienced grave difficulties in their attempts to administer disability insurance.

The old-line companies do not offer the form of disability insurance required by railway employees.





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