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  1. a phonograph record.

verb (used with object)
  1. Informal. to make (a recording) on a phonograph disc.

Origin of disc

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  • Also disk (for defs. 1, 3) .

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  1. variant of disco- before a vowel.

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  1. discount.

  2. discovered.

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British Dictionary definitions for disc


now esp US disk

/ (dɪsk) /

  1. a flat circular plate

  2. something resembling or appearing to resemble this: the sun's disc

  1. another word for (gramophone) record

  2. anatomy any approximately circular flat structure in the body, esp an intervertebral disc

    • the flat receptacle of composite flowers, such as the daisy

    • (as modifier): a disc floret

  3. the middle part of the lip of an orchid

    • Also called: parking disc a marker or device for display in a parked vehicle showing the time of arrival or the latest permitted time of departure or both

    • (as modifier): a disc zone; disc parking

  4. computing a variant spelling of disk (def. 2)

  1. to work (land) with a disc harrow

Origin of disc

C18: from Latin discus, from Greek diskos quoit

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