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[verb dih-skahrd; noun dis-kahrd]
verb (used with object)
  1. to cast aside or dispose of; get rid of: to discard an old hat.
  2. Cards.
    1. to throw out (a card or cards) from one's hand.
    2. to play (a card, not a trump, of a different suit from that of the card led).
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verb (used without object)
  1. Cards. to discard a card or cards.
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  1. the act of discarding.
  2. a person or thing that is cast out or rejected.
  3. Cards. a card or cards discarded.
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Origin of discard

First recorded in 1580–90; dis-1 + card1
Related formsdis·card·a·ble, adjectivedis·card·er, nounun·dis·card·a·ble, adjectiveun·dis·card·ed, adjective


1. retain.
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British Dictionary definitions for discardable


verb (dɪsˈkɑːd)
  1. (tr) to get rid of as useless or undesirable
  2. cards to throw out (a card or cards) from one's hand
  3. cards to play (a card not of the suit led nor a trump) when unable to follow suit
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noun (ˈdɪskɑːd)
  1. a person or thing that has been cast aside
  2. cards a discarded card
  3. the act of discarding
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Derived Formsdiscarder, noun
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Word Origin and History for discardable



1590s, literally "to throw a card away," from dis- "away" + card (n.). Figurative use (in a non-gaming sense) is first recorded 1580s. In the card-playing sense, decard is attested by 1550s. Related: Discarded; discarding. As a noun, from 1742.

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