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[ dih-skahr-did ]


  1. having been disposed of, cast out, or put aside:

    The fire is believed to have been started by a discarded match or cigarette.

    The sprocket wheel and chain were scavenged from a discarded bicycle.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of discard.

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  • un·dis·card·ed adjective

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Example Sentences

After walking block after block holding that container, he had suddenly discarded it and was now clutching a gun.

Overnight on a New York City street, two artists might be creating their latest photo set, made entirely from discarded items.

Therefore, Mizell must “show cause” as to why the ballots should be discarded.

While that cause may be safely discarded, the correct one is hard to pin down.

It was about a family that had discarded their trusty old mop for a new, improved model.

Even when the new have been adopted we very often find that something of the ancient and discarded notions cling in our phrases.

The next instant, he has raked the butt of your discarded cigarette from beneath your feet with the dexterity of a- 31 - croupier.

A bundle of straw and a worn-out horse-blanket which somebody had discarded formed his bed.

This, if we ever expect to rise, must be discarded from among us, and a high and respectable position assumed.

Some of it, I knew, he discarded because it didn't sound logical, but other parts seemed to make an impression on him.


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