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or dis·cern·a·ble

[ dih-sur-nuh-buhl, -zur- ]


  1. capable of being discerned; distinguishable.


/ dɪˈsɜːnəbəl /


  1. able to be discerned; perceptible

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Derived Forms

  • disˈcernibly, adverb
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Other Words From

  • dis·cerni·ble·ness dis·cerna·ble·ness noun
  • dis·cerni·bly dis·cerna·bly adverb
  • undis·cerna·ble adjective
  • undis·cerna·bly adverb
  • undis·cerni·ble adjective
  • undis·cerni·bly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of discernible1

1555–65; < Latin discernibilis ( discern, -ible ); replacing earlier discernable < Middle French, equivalent to discern ( er ) to discern + -able -able
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Example Sentences

It’s astonishing enough that a sea turtle can navigate across thousands of miles of open ocean, with no discernible landmarks, and wind up in the correct place.

I still think the HDR images lack impact in the shadows—Apple seems afraid to lose even the tiniest bit of shadow detail to add any discernible drama.

Some may have no discernible symptoms but will still be infectious.

Scientists had hoped any weather-related patterns in its spread would be discernible as the months dragged on.

This indicates that the age distribution of the infection remained pretty much the same at the time of the two peaks and there has been no discernible change in IFR on account of shielding older people.

I yo AIRGORDON and the rest of my Yo friends when I wake up for no discernible reason, other than to assert my existence.

To present the winner of one award, they, for no discernible reason, had to dig through five different cakes to find the envelope.

The one discernible bit sounded like she said "soup or star."

The reasons for the widespread suppression of the official Palestinian demonization of Jews and Israel are easily discernible.

At his last stop, with no discernible breath or pulse, he was covered with a blanket, wheeled into a side room and left for dead.

The signs of a reaction of feeling were discernible both in and out of Parliament.

Dark forms were discernible close at hand and were those settlers apportioned to defend the fort.

In the half-darkness a little machine three feet high was discernible; it was provided with a spring wheel.

But of the face which was now rising to within a few inches of his own no feature was discernible, only hair.

The western shore was still discernible, but too far off to enable us to see whether the Indians were still there.


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More About Discernible

What does discernible mean?

Discernible means able to be recognized, identified, or distinguished. If two things are described as discernible, it means they can be told apart.

The verb discern means to recognize small details, accurately tell the difference between similar things, and make intelligent judgements by using such observations.

Discernible is sometimes spelled as discernable. A close synonym is distinguishable.

Discernible is especially used with the word difference, as in There is no discernable difference between these two things. 

The ability to discern or the process of doing so is called discernment, as in Only through careful discernment are these two parts discernible.

Discernible means able to be discerned—not able to discern. The word for that is discerning, which can describe someone who has the ability to discern or such an ability, as in Most chefs have a very discerning palate

Example: These two scents may smell identical to the average person, but they are discernible to an experienced perfumer.

Where does discernible come from?

The first records of the word discernible come from the mid-1500s. Its base word, discern, derives from the Latin term discernere, meaning “to separate” or “to divide,” from dis-, meaning “apart,” and cernere, “to separate.”

To discern is to tell things apart—to separate them, even when they appear to be very similar. Things that are discernible can be identified or separated in this way. This ability is often associated with wisdom and experience. For example, some flavors may only be discernible to a person with a sophisticated or very sensitive palate. For people who are color-blind, some colors are not discernible. When two or more things seem to be exactly the same, people often say that there is no discernible difference between them.

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What are some other forms related to discernible

  • discernable (alternate spelling)
  • discernibly (adverb)
  • discernably (adverb)
  • undiscernible (adjective)
  • undiscernable (adjective)
  • undiscernibly (adverb)
  • undiscernably (adverb)
  • discernibleness (noun)
    discernableness (noun)
  • discern (verb)

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How is discernible used in real life?

Discernible is a somewhat formal word and is typically used in serious contexts.



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Which of the following terms does NOT describe something two things that are discernible

A. able to differentiated
B. distinguishable
C. identifiable
D. identical