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[ dis-uh-plind ]


  1. having or exhibiting discipline; rigorous:

    paintings characterized by a disciplined technique.

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Other Words From

  • non·disci·plined adjective
  • un·disci·plined adjective
  • well-disci·plined adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of disciplined1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English; discipline + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

As a work of history, the book is a disciplined, agreeably constructed synthesis.

He poses the constant threat of turning the narrowest opening into a canyon of opportunity, which can make even the most disciplined defensive response end in disappointment.

Cummins noted that a significant number of disciplined lawyers are sole practitioners.

He leads a multi-disciplined media team who plan, buy, and deliver integrated media plans for a diverse set of clients.

He is also a core contributor to the WordPress project, an Inbound Certified marketer, and a multi-disciplined business owner with a wide scope of skills.

The cops also asked for “very public apology” from the team, and demanded that the five players be disciplined.

So a well-briefed and disciplined nominee could change things.

The senior Senator was, as usual, highly disciplined, avoiding the substance of some questions with one-liner talking points.

The 2014 Republican field is looking disciplined and competitive compared to past years.

James was a very disciplined guy at the time and he was an acquaintance of mine.

Among the clergy therein he finds no offenses, save that a few have gambled in public; these are promptly disciplined.

Pushing on to Concord, the thousand disciplined British regulars captured and destroyed the military stores collected there.

He knew well how ill-disciplined their forces were, and he determined to try the effect of a surprise.

The English police, taken as a whole, is unquestionably the most efficient and best disciplined in the world.

He is a disciplined man; I never saw a person to whom that word could be so fitly applied.