adjective Also dis·coi·dal.

having the form of a discus or disk; flat and circular.
Botany. (of a composite flower) consisting of a disk only, without rays.


something in the form of a disk.
Dentistry. an excavator with a disklike blade.

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Origin of discoid

1785–95; < Late Latin discoīdēs < Greek diskoeidḗs quoit-shaped. See discus, -oid

Related formspost·dis·coi·dal, adjectivesub·dis·coid, adjectivesub·dis·coi·dal, adjective

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adjective Also: discoidal (dɪsˈkɔɪdəl)

like a disc
(of a composite flower such as the tansy) consisting of disc florets only


a disclike object
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Medicine definitions for discoid




Shaped like or resembling a disk.

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