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[ dis-kuh-nekt ]

verb (used with object)

, dis·con·nect·ed, dis·con·nect·ing.
  1. to sever or interrupt the connection of or between; detach:

    They disconnected the telephone. We were disconnected.

verb (used without object)

, dis·con·nect·ed, dis·con·nect·ing.
  1. to sever or terminate a connection, as of a telephone; hang up:

    State your business and disconnect.

  2. to withdraw into one's private world:

    When social pressures become too great, she simply disconnects.


  1. an act or instance of disconnecting, especially the suspension of telephone or cable TV service for nonpayment of service charges.
  2. a lack of communication or agreement:

    There is a huge disconnect between management and employees.


/ ˌdɪskəˈnɛkt /


  1. tr to undo or break the connection of or between (something, such as a plug and a socket)


  1. a lack of a connection; disconnection

    a disconnect between political discourse and the public

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Derived Forms

  • ˌdisconˈnection, noun
  • ˌdisconˈnecter, noun
  • ˌdisconˈnective, adjective

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Other Words From

  • discon·necter noun
  • discon·nective adjective
  • discon·nective·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of disconnect1

First recorded in 1760–70; dis- 1 + connect

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Example Sentences

Overall, the survey results show yet another disconnect between the financial markets and the wider economy.

From Fortune

Many Americans remain unemployed and feel the disconnect between the stock market’s success and the financial reality of their lives.

From Fortune

Many investors acknowledge the disconnect between the stock market and the broader economy, but they say the rally has been built on top of several supports.

From Fortune

Unfortunately, the disconnect she described appears to have grown even worse since then.

Of course, this disconnect between romantic ideals and realities may be a simple question of circumstances.

For all the vulgar jokes we collectively enjoy, there's a cultural disconnect between sexual humor and actual eroticism.

Brown gave no sign of concern, as if he had suddenly suffered some psychic disconnect from consequences.

There is a disconnect, which allows for some distance between his actions and your button presses.

The administration is preparing to let Iran 'disconnect' its nuclear centrifuges rather than actually dismantling them.

The results also show a disconnect between the way suicides are reported in certain countries by internal organizations.

There never was a more favorable opportunity for you to disconnect yourself with the whole affair.

You disconnect a cord by (jerking it from the socket) (grasping plug and pulling it out).

If the lamp has a porcelain socket, simply disconnect the wires at the terminals, remove the old wire and connect the new one.

When the aspiration is completed, disconnect the flask and remove it from its ice packing.

Disconnect all pipes that may contain water, to be sure none remains in any of them.


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