[ dis-kuhn-ten-tid ]
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  1. not content or satisfied; dissatisfied; restlessly unhappy: For all their wealth, or perhaps because of it, they were discontented.

Origin of discontented

First recorded in 1485–95; discontent + -ed2

Other words from discontented

  • dis·con·tent·ed·ly, adverb
  • dis·con·tent·ed·ness, noun
  • pre·dis·con·tent·ed, adjective
  • self-dis·con·tent·ed, adjective

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How to use discontented in a sentence

  • Old Ripper, a talkative, discontented man, stopped and ventured to enter on his grievances.

    Elster's Folly | Mrs. Henry Wood
  • God has apportioned to each their lot; and why should I feel envious and discontented, that the best lot did not fall to my share?

    The World Before Them | Susanna Moodie
  • Eliza how discontented he has become with his nearest relatives, and even with his heirs.

  • In 1881, with other discontented generals, he assisted Sagasta in obtaining office.

  • The gossip of the neighbourhood had been no doubt a good deal roused; and Daphne, it seemed, was discontented.

    Marriage la mode | Mrs. Humphry Ward