[ dih-skur-shuh n ]
/ dɪˈskɜr ʃən /


an instance of discursive writing, speech, etc.; a wandering or logically unconnected statement.
the quality or characteristic of ranging from topic to topic; discursiveness; digressiveness.
the process or procedure of rigorous formal analysis or demonstration, as distinguished from immediate or intuitive formulation.

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Origin of discursion

1525–35; < Late Latin discursiōn- (stem of discursiō) a running to and fro. See discourse, -ion

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Examples from the Web for discursion

  • I make this discursion because, for a period, the paths of the two composers were parallel.

  • Discursion is an act of reflection, and though there is always less there can never be more in reflection than in intuition.