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[ dih-skuhst ]


  1. having been talked or written about, especially in order to debate or explore solutions:

    The proposed new parking garage has been a widely discussed topic in recent months.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of discuss ( def ).

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  • un·dis·cussed adjective
  • well-dis·cussed adjective

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Example Sentences

Here as always, BTS frankly discuss things like mental health and the pressure that goes along with fame.

From Vox

Hogan declined requests to discuss the tests for this article.

We are discussing riding back down to help when the truck lurches into view.

One person familiar with the matter said HuffPost and BuzzFeed had discussed a cash sale, though the amount of money offered was too low, that person said.

From Digiday

The Athletic reported that the Rockets and Washington Wizards had discussed a possible Westbrook for John Wall swap, although the talks had “no traction” currently because Houston wanted additional pieces.

As she discussed her understanding of the voting rights campaign and how she planned to recreate it, I grew more relieved.

That is, we discussed character motivation, situation, and story continuity.

When she got the pictures back, she met Sean for coffee and discussed how to exhibit the photos.

The couple had much history in Tulle (they had even discussed getting married there) and Trierweiler wanted to be by his side.

Parodies, on the other hand, are fair game to be discussed and shared.

Either they are unavoidable if your living questions are fully discussed, or they are irrelevant and they do not matter.

Her manner amazed him; it was so unlike the aspect of fair interpretation, with which she usually discussed a dubious subject.

It was the conversation of every circle; and discussed according to the dispositions, or views of the speakers.

This must have been already examined and considered, if the letters in which I discussed it at length have not been lost.

You would notice sotto voce that when ways and means were being discussed, times were always hard.


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