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verb (used without object), dis·em·bogued, dis·em·bogu·ing.
  1. to discharge contents by pouring forth.
  2. to discharge water, as at the mouth of a stream: a river that disembogues into the ocean.
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verb (used with object), dis·em·bogued, dis·em·bogu·ing.
  1. to discharge; cast forth.
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Origin of disembogue

1585–95; earlier disemboque, disemboke < Spanish desembocar, equivalent to des- dis-1 + embocar to enter by the mouth (en- in (< Latin in- in-2) + boc(a) mouth (< Latin bucca) + -ar infinitive suffix)
Related formsdis·em·bogue·ment, noun
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Related Words

release, leak, emit, empty, spew, breathe, expend, spit, spill, vent, emanate, pour, beam, utter, ooze, belch, transmit, radiate, exude, secrete

British Dictionary definitions for disembogue


verb -bogues, -boguing or -bogued
  1. (of a river, stream, etc) to discharge (water) at the mouth
  2. (intr) to flow out
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Derived Formsdisemboguement, noun

Word Origin

C16: from Spanish desembocar, from des- dis- 1 + embocar put into the mouth, from em- in + boca mouth, from Latin bucca cheek
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