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/ dɪˈʃɛvəld /


  1. (esp of hair) hanging loosely
  2. (of general appearance) unkempt; untidy
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Word History and Origins

Origin of dishevelled1

C15 dischevelee, from Old French deschevelé, from des- dis- 1+ chevel hair, from Latin capillus
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Example Sentences

He was it must be said looking a little dishevelled, but as we all know an Afghan tan does wonders for that morning-after pallor.

The pedophile is often imagined as the dishevelled old man baldly offering candy to preschoolers.

She had dishevelled hair and wildly staring eyes, and her face was terrified and white as death.

This ghost was "lean, haggard, and dirty," with "dishevelled hair and a long beard."

She never got dishevelled or untidy, and her trim tweed skirt and serviceable boots never made her look unwomanly.

When, a dishevelled wreck, I reached my own gateway, I was met in the drive by Eileen.

His hat was gone and he was standing up, with hair dishevelled, glaring wildly ahead, in a confused sort of way.